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Meet Dr David Pierotti

Dr. DavidEmbracing Chiropractic

Although Dr Dave grew up with a father who was a chiropractor, it wasn’t until he was a teen that he decided to continue the family tradition. When he was about 17, he had a minor low back issue and he went to his dad for help. He briefly explained what he was feeling, and his father located the problem and corrected it within 30 seconds. Dave was amazed and, in that moment, he realised he wanted to help other people in the same way.

He went on to receive his chiropractic education at Murdoch University in Perth, graduating in 2009. He was eager to join his dad, Dr Eric, in our Premium Health Therapies clinic so he could learn as much as possible from him and his approach to patient care. Dr Dave has now taken over the clinic following Dr Eric’s retirement.

Dr Dave also had the privilege of being guided and mentored in Applied Kinesiology by Dr Eric, a world leader in Applied Kinesiology.

Relieving Human Suffering

Dr Dave is motivated by the desire to relieve human suffering. To that end, he has pursued studies of many different natural healthcare topics in addition to chiropractic, including applied kinesiology, herbalism, natural medicine, functional medicine, naturopathy, biochemistry, neurology, psychology, physics, human behaviour, spirituality and the nature of consciousness itself.

Offering this whole-person approach to wellness gives Dr Dave a unique perspective that our patients find inspiring.
Chiropractic Care

Away from the Office

When he’s not helping patients get the most out of life, Dr Dave enjoys living his best life. He’s passionate about fitness, particularly CrossFit, and he enjoys doing anything that includes being outdoors in the sun. He loves cooking and hanging out with family and friends, especially his four year old son.

Get Started Today

If you’re tired of the traditional medical approach of medications that do nothing to address the true cause of your health issues, Dr Dave is ready to help! Contact us today to book in for your first appointment and take the first step towards overall wellness.

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