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Remedial Massage in Payneham

Woman getting massageAt Premium Health Therapies, we offer a suite of holistic health solutions and take pride in our ability to restore wellness from within. Our focus is on restoring your vibrant health; we invite you to experience the relief and ease our massage services offer while enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Offerieg Different Massage Styles

Our approach often combines massage therapy with chiropractic to achieve deeper and longer-lasting healing. We have found that patients respond better to this modality after completing most of their chiropractic corrections. That’s the time to take the next step on your journey to optimal health.

Many structural issues people have to deal with often stem from a combination of spinal or peripheral joint dysfunction aggravated by muscle and fascial system tension. Remedial massage provides an efficient solution by relieving knotted, damaged or immobile muscles to promote joint flexibility and pain relief.

Our Remedial Services Provide Exceptional Results

Massage also stimulates increased blood circulation to the muscles, promoting repair and fostering the removal of accumulated toxins. Often, our patients find massage paired with other services provides them with the best results, a synergy that frequently leads to significant health improvements, which is precisely what we strive for at Premium Health Therapies!

Our skilled massage therapists Lynda Summerton-Black, Franca Braiotta and Carly Simpkin, are proficient in various techniques. They will put together the perfect balance of techniques to meet your specific health requirements, focusing on enhancing the function of body systems.

More than a relaxing spa therapy experience, our massage services offer numerous clinical benefits, like

  • Pain relief
  • Stress and tension reduction
  • Anxiety and depression alleviation
  • Promotion of overall relaxation
  • Reduction of inflammation effects

At Premium Health Therapies, health is about addressing symptoms and creating a comprehensive wellness plan to guide you back to your body’s natural state of health. We also empower you through education and provide tools to reclaim your wellness.

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